It deals with the relationship between man-made structures, grouped together as ‘architecture’, and the environment, which we see – as landscape. Hence the job title: landscape architect. They use drawings and models to compose landform, vegetation and water in relation to paths, roads, dwellings, offices, factories, parliaments, etcetera.

Landscape architects work at three scales.

  • At the garden scale, they compose landform, vegetation and water with walls, buildings and other features.
  • At the town scale, they plan and design parks, squares, greenways and cycleways in relation to streets and to the urban fabric.
  • At the regional scale, landscape architects identify which land should and should not be built upon – to conserve the environment – and to create new public goods.

It is the art of composing the five primary elements of the outdoor environment:
landform, water, vegetation, paving and other structures.

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