Paul Chillingworth


Paul Chillingworth

Cubico Ltd

61 The Street, Uley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5SL

Tel: 01453 860576

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Cubico offers a complete 3D CAD service.

Go to our website to see samples of our work including:

  • Measured building surveys
  • 3D visualisation
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Photomontage images
  • Shadow studies

We work closely with our clients meeting and achieving business objectives. Our clients include architects, property asset managers, builders, developers and office interior companies. We work with each as a consultant or as part of your in-house team.

Measured building surveys and lease plans – we can check existing plans or carry out new site surveys to produce plans in accordance with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice and or IPMS. All plans are provided in a number of file formats along with record photographs and hard copy plans. We carry out detailed measured building surveys as a basis for a building development or refurbishment. We create 3D models of building structure for analyse by other building professionals.

Images for planning permission – our images are used for design evaluation or to accompany planning permissions as proof of visual impact in a landscape or relative to adjacent buildings. As the images are a mixture of site photographs, physical surveys and 3D CAD models they are provably accurate. Neighbouring buildings or land features are measured in-house using a total station to increase provable accuracy to the images.

Paul Chillingworth - Measured building surveyor and visualiser