Marian Torres Davies - Interior Designer and Conservation Consultant


Interior Designer and Conservation Consultant
Davies Torres Design Ltd. Clarence House, Church Street, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL6 0BP

Tel: 01453 350546



Davies Torres Design Ltd was formed in 2010 by husband and wife team of Russell Davies and Marian Torres-Davies to provide a holistic design service for domestic and commercial projects for both bespoke new build designs, alterations to existing properties and conservation of historic buildings. We are a client focussed practice who enjoy being part of the construction process from the inception of the design.

We formed the practice after nearly 20 years working within larger practices in order to concentrate on domestic and conservation projects where we can have a greater input into the design and work closely within the design team.

I have previously worked as an Interior Designer in Madrid creating a number of interiors for domestic

and commercial properties before moving to the UK where I continued to design domestic and commercial interiors.

Having recently completed a Masters in Architectural Conservation at Edinburgh College of Art I have experience of all aspects of historic buildings and conservation.

Further information is available on our website.

Services offered

  • Home Improvements
  • Improving the sale value or rental income of properties through design of interiors, finishes and layout of the property
  • Internal layouts for commercial properties
  • Assessment and advice for Planning
  • Conservation Plans for Listed Buildings
  • Reports for Conservation projects
  • Historic Building Research