Simon Cox - Arboricultural Consultant


Simon Cox, Arboricultural Consultant

Robinia House, Butterrow Hill, Stroud, GL5 2LG

Tel: 07599 257533 





Tree and Urban Forestry Advice

We are tree experts, tree doctors, arboricultural consultants, tree surveyors, arborists – call us what you like! We love to deal with:

Tree preservation orders and protected trees
Tree safety, tree surveys and tree reports
Subsidence and tree root damage
Trees in relation to planning and development, including advising on root protection areas, tree plans and BS5837 compliance. We also produce arboricultural reports
Tree disease and pest mitigation and management
Plant health care
Urban greening
Tree planting, tree selection and tree sourcing

Incorporating trees into landscape and garden design
Arboreta and tree collection design, sourcing and propagating stock, establishment, maintenance and management
Caring for trees with traditional tree care recommendations and services


We support other professionals including architects, engineers, underwriters, solicitors, horticulturalists and designers.