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Glenfinlas Designs can offer support at key stages of your building projects

The stages of a project take distinct periods. Initially at the feasibility stages the periods reflect the amount of time the parties can be together. However Planning Permission and other approval stages can often be quite frustratingly reliant on others.

Planning, Building Regulations and VAT The process of applying for Planning Permission has been unkindly likened to being in a card game without cards.


It is probably more a matter of the right approach particularly at the initial consultation stage with the Planning Authority. The same can be said to a lesser extent about approval under the Building Regulations and even more so in consideration of VAT.

Contractors Quotations

Construction Details and Quotations Detailed specifications with drawings and schedules are always needed to achieve useful
estimates or quotations from building contractors allowing reasonable comparison.

If an estimate appears to be too cheap, it is probably prudent to not accept it as construction is a long process and needs considerable resources and trust on both sides!